• About Us

  • Elite Tree Experts is a rapidly growing company with over 12 years of experience. We specialize in commercial and residential services providing a variety of tree care needs.

    Good quality experience and help is not cheap. At Elite Tree Experts LLC we do not admit to being the cheapest out there, but we offer the expertise and high-quality experience you need to take care of your problems. We believe you get what you pay for with our tree service. We promote safety on and off the job for all--the employees on our staff, the client, and the general public. Each of our work procedures are based upon OSHA and ANSI standards, unlike most companies in the industry, because we value that safety. The problem in the industry with doing cheap work is that many safety procedures are eliminated and put employees, homeowners, and the general public at risk. When companies worry about meeting a quota for the day, the client may sustain more damage to their property and add on extra costs to repair the damages sustained.

    We strive constantly to satisfy our customer's needs and do so with respectable ethics and honest opinions. We do our best to save our client's money with quality work and advice that can save them time in the long run. For example, if a homeowner wants dead branches trimmed out of an oak tree, but we notice that the oak is on its way to dying completely, we would recommend the best option for them--complete removal. Some companies may take advantage of this situation resulting in the homeowners needing to call back a year or two later to remove the dead tree(s), but not us. Overall, our honesty can save homeowners up to thousands of dollars, depending on circumstances. Not only does it save the client money in the long run and a hassle of something happening to or on your property, but it also makes our job much safer and reduces risk. Tree work is one of the top three most dangerous jobs to do, therefore we highly recommend the work be done by a trained professional.

    We also offer payment options for our client so that having tree work done is easily more affordable. Other tree companies also use us and ask for our assistance in jobs they can't quite handle due to our experience and professionalism, as we have been in business for years.

    Our mission is to provide a safe and friendly work environment. We are working on changing the industry on safety by leading by example. Our company values are safety, honesty, integrity and respect.

    Elite Tree Experts can help you make the most of your property by shaping the natural landscape to your aesthetic preferences through directional trimming, pruning and removal. Elite Tree Experts LLC takes great pride in creating high-quality work while keeping our employees safe, based on OSHA and ANSI standards. With us, you can have your yard or property looking its very best. With our tree service options, let us help you with any professional tree trimming or care you need.

    We also have experienced tree removal services beyond our basic arbor care. Whether it's an emergency tree removal or you need more extensive storm damage clean up, we are prepared to assist you through it all. Elite Tree Experts LLC offers professional and friendly service with top of the line expertise and a prepared 24/7 service for your peace of mind.

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