• Emergency Service

  • Strong storms and wind can strike at any time, and with punishing force. If a tree falls on your home, or is blocking access to your complex, Elite Tree Experts, LLC are available day and night to help you with any of your emergency tree service needs. Our highly trained emergency tree removal service arborist can handle any emergency situation. 

  • After a storm, removing any hazards is the first focal point. It takes a skilled and experienced arborist to safely remove trees from structures without doing further damage to the property. Tree trimming of broken, cracked, and hanging branches that pose future safety concerns needs to be addressed immediately after a storm. After all of the hazards have been removed, the restoration process has only begun. It is important to realize that cleaning the interior of a tree or making aesthetic cuts directly after a storm does have an adverse effect on the tree. This is due to the fact that the leaves and stored energy in the wood are key components to the food production and healing process of the tree. The tree’s age, size, species, health and the extent of the damage are all determining factors in choosing between creating a plan for restoring a tree or tree removal service.

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